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Varifocals : Myths and Facts

Varifocal lenses are ideal for people who need vision correction for both near and farsightedness. Not only are they convenient, but they are also fashionable. We will debunk a few myths about these glasses here, so read on!

Cheap Varifocal Lenses

Comparatively, they are actually more expensive. Because they eliminate the need for two separate pairs of glasses (for reading and for distance), they actually prove to be more cost-effective. Our HD Varifocals are also available for just £69 – normally priced over £100 on other websites. These are high-quality, freeform digital yet cheaper varifocal lenses.

Driving With Varifocals Is Not Recommended

You can safely drive with your varifocals once you’ve gotten used to them. This makes them perfect for driving, as it requires constant switching between vision distances.

Varifocal Have a Thicker Lens

This is another common myth! Modern varifocal lenses do not look different from single-vision lenses; and since they have a visible segmentation, people cannot tell you are wearing them.


A prescription should include distance and near values, or you may include distance values along with “near additions” or “reading additions”. Here is everything you need to know about ordering your new varifocal lenses online.

You will have the option to exchange or return your Varifocal lenses if you do not like them, even if you are a first-time user.

Bifocal lenses cannot be used as either reading glasses or distance glasses since they are old technology. Their fine separation line will always be noticeable.
Varifocal lenses are advanced digital lenses. They can be used for reading, intermediate, and distance vision. In addition, they are crystal clear and do not have any lines visible. No one will know you are wearing progressive glasses!

If you notice that your vision is getting blurry when you look at close objects, you should have an eye exam. The ability to read things up-close decreases as we age. When we are in our forties, we often develop a different prescription for Distance and Reading. Varifocal lens or progressive lenses were developed to prevent wearing two separate pairs of glasses. This allows distance and reading prescriptions to be corrected simultaneously.

Progressive lenses or varifocal lenses require some getting used to. Some people have difficulty focusing. Initially, they may feel dizzy and have a slight headache. Having new lenses can be uncomfortable at first, but once your eyes adjust, you’ll love having varifocals.

A full layer of anti-reflection and UV+ coatings are applied to all Glasses Hut glasses. In addition, all varifocal lens are scratch-resistant and impact-proof.

Using modern free-form lens technology, premium HD designer Varifocal lens provide maximum field of view with minimal distortion. There is no better varifocal lens than these. And we proudly use it.

Every new pair of glasses requires about 14 days to adjust to. With Varifocals, however, it may take up to four weeks. Generally, your eyes need time to adjust to Varifocal or progressive lenses since they are digital lenses. If you are having trouble focusing or concentrating, simply point your nose in the desired direction. For example. You should try turning your head slightly towards the rear view mirror rather than moving your eyes when looking through it. Likewise, for reading, keep your chin slightly up and use the reading portion of your lenses. After 4 weeks, you will be an expert in using your Varifocals.