Exactly what is an NHS optical voucher and how does it work?

No matter what nationality they hold, all legal residents of the United Kingdom are entitled to NHS services. There are few services that require payment, including eye tests and dental care. People can access essential and non-essential healthcare facilities for free. There are a few exceptions to the NHS’s policy of providing free eye-tests and dental check-ups.

Our country ranks third among the European countries with more patients wearing spectacles based on the latest Statistics report. 68% of the population in the United Kingdom wears glasses, according to the latest Statistics report. Approximately 18% to 21% of 16- to 50-year-olds wear glasses compared to those over 50. 

Find out here how you can also qualify for a free NHS funded eye test and what its eligibility criteria are. The NHS offers excellent support in some situations, offering free eye tests and optical vouchers. 

How does a NHS optical voucher work?


In the United Kingdom, the National Health System offers discounts on eyeglasses with vouchers. A free eye test voucher is provided by the NHS, and optical vouchers are a supplement to that. You get a reduced price on your glasses, which would normally cost more. The NHS voucher program is not available to everyone, and you must meet certain criteria in order to receive discounted eye health care.


What are the eligibility requirements for NHS optical vouchers?

  1. NHS vouchers are only available to those who fall under the following categories.
  2. You are under the age of 16.
  3. Having a full-time education and being between the ages of 16-18.
  4. Over 60 years of age, you are a senior citizen.
  5. You are on leave as a prisoner. 
  6. Your registration indicates that you are partially or slightly blind.
  7. An ophthalmologist has advised you that you are at risk for Glaucoma.
  8. Diabetic or Glaucoma patient.
  9. If you or someone in your family has been diagnosed with Glaucoma and you are over 40.
  10. A voucher for NHS complex lenses has been given to you by your optician.

What is the value of an NHS optical voucher?

In order to determine the value of the NHS optical voucher for glasses and lenses, you need to determine the strength of your prescription. The voucher has a value from £35 to £220. You’ll be able to get free glasses if your glasses fall within that range. But if they cost more than the discount price on the vouchers, you’ll need to pay an additional charge. Your eye prescription will be used to determine what type of optical voucher you will receive, and each voucher ranges from £39.10 to £215.50. 

Does Glasses Hut accept NHS vouchers?

We’re working with the NHS on how we could accept optical vouchers and hope to be able to offer customers this option as soon as we can. Currently, you cannot use your NHS voucher on any online website, but we’re working with them on how we can accept optical vouchers.