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Tortoiseshell glasses have a speckled or mottled appearance that resembles real turtles. It is traditional for tortoiseshell frames to feature yellow, brown, honey, and black spots, but nowadays they are available in a variety of extravagant color combinations.

The History Of  The Tortoiseshell Look

Tortoiseshell glasses appeared for the first time during the 1920s. While it will seem shocking to most people today, the spectacles and other ornaments of the era were made from shells of real turtles. Due to amazing technological advancements in the plastics industry, this practice has long been banned and you can now rest assured that your tortoiseshell specs are totally ethical.

As a matter of fact, the tortoiseshell look was popularized by Ray-Ban aviators in the 1950s, which was later adopted by Tom Ford, Polo Ralph Lauren and Esprit, among many others. We carry all of these brands and more at Glasses Hut, as well as our own line of stylish and affordable eyewear.

Why Tortoiseshell Glasses?

Fashions come and go, and recently the tortoiseshell look has made a big comeback. The tortoiseshell fashion trend is not only popular among hipsters, but it has also spread to those who value vintage style.

Tortoiseshell frames are also softer on the face compared to black frames or any other solid color. As a result, they blend better with the complexion than frames that are solid colours.

A pair of tortoiseshell glasses goes well with almost any outfit, whether it is casual or dressy. This frame looks particularly good with black or other solid colors since it is quite colorful.

Which Tortoiseshell Glasses Would Be Best For Me?

Traditionally, tortoiseshell has been associated with horn-rimmed glasses, but they are now available in all shapes and sizes. Tortoiseshell glasses come in round, square, oversized and cat eye styles.

They are not just brown and black. With multi-toned frames today, you can create a classic look that is as subtle or as extravagant as you like. On average, however, the classic brown and black tortoiseshell pattern looks great on lighter skin tones, while brighter colours are better for those with darker skin.

You can tone down the tortoiseshell look by going for a semi-rimless or browline look, which has the same attractive colour scheme but puts more focus on the eyes.

You can always tint the lenses to convert them to tortoiseshell sunglasses if you love the tortoiseshell look.

Is Tortoiseshell Only For Women?

Tortoiseshell spectacles are certainly popular among women, but the idea that they are exclusively for women has long since passed. This style is truly unisex and looks great on both men and women. You only have to look at how many male celebrities wear them to see how popular they are. It's a classic style for women, but it's also great for men.

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Tortoiseshells glasses are also called horn-rimmed glasses. They are made out of high quality acetate that resembles the hard horn-like material.

Tortoiseshell frames are enduring and popular. Its popularity is due to its suitability for almost everyone. Warm browns and ambers will brighten dark skin and add a touch of light to the eyes.

Turtle and tortoiseshell frames became popular in the 1920s. There were many uses for shells harvested from the Hawksbill Turtle, from combs to guitar picks, to glasses.

However, men preferred the robust, burly look of tortoise shell eyeglasses, while women preferred the more delicate, sleek looks of metal rim eyeglasses.