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Men’s Semi-Rimless Frames

We have a wide selection of semi-rimless/ half glasses frames for men. All our frames come with prescription lenses. You can draw attention to your face with semi-rimless frames in a clean, modern, and sophisticated way. Having semi-rimless frames allows the eyes to be a point of visual attraction as well as creating a strong and sturdy frame. The frame design accents facial shape features.

Virtual Try On allows you to try on all of the frames we stock before you purchase them. Try on as many frames as you like by uploading a picture of your face! All of our frames are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so we know you will love your next Glasses Hut purchase.

Women’s Semi-Rimless Frames

We stock a wide selection of semi-rimless/ half glasses frames for women. A semi-rimless glasses design is perfect for those seeking to attract subtle attention to their faces in a modern, sophisticated, and clean way. Semi-rimless frames for women highlight features of the face, bringing out the shape of the face. In addition to offering many of the advantages of full-rimmed glasses, semi-rimless frames are lighter as they have less frame material.

Check out our frames for free by using our virtual try-on service. Our virtual mirror allows you to see how a frame looks on your face immediately by uploading a picture of your face. Every purchase on our site comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you don't like your frames, we'll refund your money.

semi rimless glasses for men and women