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prescription cat eye glasses

Glasses Hut Has Trendy Cat-Eye Glasses For You

Having such a unique and trend setting look for contemporary eye wear, it is no wonder that more and more people are opting to put on cat-eye glasses to add a new piece to their style.
The Cat-eye glasses line that we present to you today has been regarded as one of the world's best cat-eye frames for decades. We have a variety of cat-eye glasses for every kind of personality, so no matter what direction your personal style leans, you'll be able to find a pair that perfectly complements it.

Wear Cat-Eye Glasses To Modernize Your Look

I think that a great example of how something can go from old and fashionable again and be considered as modern is cat-eye glasses. Originally designed as the glasses worn during the 1960s, cat-eye glasses are elegant, chic, and above all, they complement all types of outfits and occasions, making them an extremely versatile and stylish style.

 Our cat-eye glasses collection in our online store has frames ranging from frames with a cool horn effect to colourful, contemporary styles, so you can find a frame to suit your specific taste and lifestyle.

Our range of cat-eye sunglasses frames from globally recognized designers is of the highest quality, so rest assured that you're getting not just a stylish pair of sunglasses but also a durable and well-designed one.


Round faces have full cheeks and wide foreheads. Their chins are rounded. It is best to use cat eye glasses since they have a squared-off frame and their angular frame won't suit round faces.

It's been a popular trend since around the 50s and is known to fit a wide variety of face shapes well.

The cat-eye embodied the first feminine fashion in history. It revolutionized the masculine-dominated eyewear industry in the late 1920s

  Vintage eyeglasses called cat eye glasses are named for their resemblance to a cat's eye.