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Men’s Aviator Frames

Explore our extensive collection of aviator-style glasses for men. A timeless classic, the aviator style is still in style today. The aviator is a classic men's frame and is available in transparent (sunglasses) and tinted lenses.

We offer prescription single vision lenses with our men's aviator frames, but they can be upgraded to bifocal or varifocal lenses during the checkout process. At Glasses Hut, all of our glasses come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so either you love your new pair of glasses or you get your money back!

Aviator Glasses A Stylish Accessory

Not just stylish eyewear, the Aviator has been an iconic fashion statement for decades. With glasses hut you can buy designer glasses with expertly crafted frames and lenses that are tailored to your prescription and wishes – and at a price you can afford.

Make Your Aviator Glasses Unique With Glasses Hut!

Aviators come in a variety of frames, but their lenses are equally relevant. Our team of opticians assembles your glasses with lenses that exactly match your prescription. If you have a prescription, you can submit it once you've selected a frame or frames. If you're unsure about your prescription, our team will contact you once you place your order to assist you.

As well as being scratch- and impact-resistant, our classic lenses are also super anti-reflective. Moreover, they have a UV filter that protects your eyes from harmful UV rays. For a small fee, you can also add a hydrophobic coating that is highly water repellent, or add a sunglass tint in any colour you like.

Aviator glasses with polarized lenses offer protection from glare from reflected surfaces and are a great choice if you're driving or playing sports. We offer self-tinting lenses that combine the advantages of reading glasses and sunglasses: when outside light is bright, the lenses darken and turn colourless indoors. You should put these lenses in your Aviator glasses if you frequently switch between indoors and outdoors.

Stylish Aviator Glasses At An Affordable Price

Regardless of the frame you choose or the lenses you have fitted, with glasses hut, you will always find cheap Aviator glasses that are stylish, stylish, and very affordable – even if you are on a budget.

In style. There is an emerging trend of aviator prescription eyeglasses. Oversized style and wire frames enhance strong features and big eyes.

A timeless pair of square aviators. They are flatter than teardrops, so they are ideal for round faces.

Almost everyone can pull off aviators, but there are some do's and don'ts. An outfit that doesn't match your sunglasses can throw off your style.

They're really cool. Make the most of the look and project some confidence. Always choose polarized lenses for aviators. Besides reducing glare, they also eliminate UVA/UVB rays.